Paving Materials and Pavement Analysis

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2017)
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Content: Accelerated Laboratory Polishing Device for Hot Mix Asphalt --

Effect of Aggregate and Asphalt on Pavement Skid Resistance Evolution --
Development of a New Moisture Conditioning Procedure for Bitumen Stabilized Materials --
A Method to Build a Practical Dynamic Modulus Testing Protocol --
Test Method and Performance of Fire-Retardant Modified Asphalt Used in Road Tunnel --
Resilient Modulus Characteristics of Varying Percent of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement --
Evaluation of Gradation of RAP Based on Fractal Theory --
Evaluation of Cracking Resistance of Recycled Asphalt Mixture Using Semi-Circular Bending Test --
Deformation Characteristics of Asphaltic Concrete in Uniaxial Compression --
Impact of Different Extraction Recovery Method on Allowable Percentage of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) --
Determining Compaction Temperatures Based on Asphalt Mixtures Test --
Laboratory Evaluation of Effects of Joint Heater on Longitudinal Joint --
Shanghai Experience with Warm Mix Asphalt --
Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour and Anisotropy of Bituminous Mixture Compacted with a French Wheel Compactor --
Deformation Prediction of Asphalt Mixtures under Repeated Load Base on Viscoelastic Mechanical Model --
Evaluation of Micromechanical Models for Predicting Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Mixtures --
Formulization of Asphalt Concrete Stiffness for Specific Microstructures Based on Discrete Element Method --
A Microstructure-Based Approach for Simulating Viscoelastic Behaviors of Asphalt Mixtures --
Research and Application of Recycled Aggregate Concrete --
Study of the Mechanical Properties of Iowa Concrete Pavement for Use in the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) --
Comparison of Portland Cement Concrete CTE Calculation Protocols --
Mix Design of Cement-Stabilized Recycled Aggregate Base Course Material --
Study on Performance and Application of High Performance Pavement Portland Cement Concrete --
Influence of the Micro-Gradation of Fly Ash and Slag on the Properties of Cement Mortar --
Dynamic Pavement-Vehicle Interaction of Rigid Pavement Resting on Two-Parameter Soil Medium --
Bearing Capacity Evaluation of Ultra Thin Reinforced Concrete Pavement Sections through Accelerated Pavement Testing and Modeling in South Africa --
Comparison and Analysis Method for Identifying the Voids Beneath Concrete Pavement --
Estimation of Cement Concrete Pavement Slab Void Ratio Based on FAHP Method --
Evaluation of a New Generation of Asphalt Treated Mixtures --
Permanent Deformation Analysis on Various Base Materials under Accelerated Pavement Testing --
Laboratory Evaluation of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Asphalt Pavement --
Field Evaluation of Recycled Pavement Materials at MnROAD --
Laboratory Investigation of Seasonal Variations in Resilient Modulus of Alaskan Base Course Material --
Particle Shape, Type and Amount of Fines, and Moisture Affecting Resilient Modulus Behavior of Unbound Aggregates --
Assessing the Polishing Characteristics of Coarse Aggregates Using Micro-Deval and Imaging System --
Investigation of Aggregate Packing Using Discrete Element Modeling --
Laboratory Validation of Coal Dust Fouled Ballast Discrete Element Model --
Evaluation of the Reinforcement Effect of Geogrids in Pavement Base Using Loaded Wheel Tester (LWT) --
Utilization of Plastic Wastes for Improving the Sub-Grades in Flexible Pavements --
Performance Prediction and Moisture Susceptibility of Anisotropic Pavement Foundations --
Experimental Study on Dredged Material Improvement for Highway Subgrade Soil --
Air-Soil Relationships for Lime and Cement Stabilized Sub-Grades --
Stiffness and Strength Based In-Place Evaluation of Compacted Unbound Materials --
Characterization of Unbound Granular Materials Using Repeated Load CBR and Triaxial Testing --
Effects of Freeze-Thaw Action and Composition on Compression Strength of WFS-FA-EPS Fills --
Study on Cement-Treated Yangtze Hydraulic Sand Mixed with Expanded Polystyrenes (EPS) Beads as Backfill Material in Highway Embankments --
In-Situ Testing and Evaluation of Moisture Content in Existing Sub-Grade --
Influence of Lime on Alluvial Soil Strengthened with Pond Ash and Rice Husk Ash for Construction of Subgrade of Road --
Sublayer Strength Evaluation with FWD in Semi-Rigid Base Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation Project --
Evaluation of Subgrade Modulus for Semi-Rigid Asphalt Pavement Using Deflection Basin Parameter --
Comparison of FWD and Benkelman Beam in Evaluation of Pavement Structure Capacity --
Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar to Road Pavement: State of the Art and Novelties --
Research on Detection to Moisture Content of Flexible Pavement by GPR --
Improving Pavement Management System by Adding Pavement Preservation Component --
Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Pavement Maintenance Treatments by OPTime --
Variable Slip Skid Resistance Testing for Road Safety Investigation and Pavement Management --
The Application of Stepwise Regression in Analyzing Pavement Friction Data --
Long-Term Field Monitoring of Moisture Variations under Asphalt Pavement with Different Drainable Base Materials --
Method of Design for Improving the Drainage Layer of Asphalt Pavement --
Determination of Subgrade Resilient Modulus for Existing Pavement Based on Moisture Condition Coupled with Stress --
Performance of Pavements with Blast Furnace Base Courses --
Subgrade Stress Measurements under Heavy Aircraft Gear Loading at FAA National Airport Pavement Test Facility --
Predicting Rutting of Unbound Aggregate Layers Using Total Void Calculation under Full-Scale Testing at the FAA National Airport Pavement Test Facility --
The Performance and Economic Benefits of Thick Granular Base for Flexible Pavement Design in Frost Susceptible Regions --
Numerical Analysis and Geo-Mechanism Study on the Subgrade Cracking Process Based on RFPA --
The Analysis and Recommended Solutions for Rural Roads in China --
Bitumen Quality, Pavement LCCA and Contractor's Expectations --
Predicted Pavement Life-Cycle Costing of Surface Maintenance Treatments --
Effect of Traffic Data Coverage on the M-E PDG Traffic Characterization --
Study on Pavement Superposition Effects under Multiple Aircraft Tires --
Analysis of Loading Stresses in Asphalt Overlay on Existing Concrete Pavements Based upon a Simplified Three-Dimensional Model --
Visco-Elastoplastic Response of Flexible Pavement under Traffic Loads --
The Rutting Resistant Surface Course Combination for Continuous Uphill Section of Expressway. 

Paving Materials and Pavement Analysis
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