Punching Shear/Conductior Modification Analysis

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2016)

Punching Shear Conductior Modification Analysis

Detailed Calculation worksheet for making modifications to offshore platforms and facilities.

This includes:

1.) Connection Details for structural members
2.) Summary of IN-Place Analysis Results that include summary of stresses, summary of joint deflections, summary of reaction forces & moments
3.) Hydrostatic Collapse check on conductor guide end caps
4.) Hydrostatic Collapse check on Conductor guide tubular
5.) Conductor Guide Frame Punching shear Calculations
6.) Punching shear calculations on joints
7.) Clamp & Stud-bolt Pre-Tension Design Calculations

Also left space to include any detailed deck design modifications, Structural Model and in-place analysis from any structural design and analysis software you might be using. This workbook is helpful if submitting any designs to ABS, DNV, BV or any other regulatory authority that requires detailed calculations along with computer analysis results and models.


Punching Shear/Conductior Modification Analysis
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