Radimpex Tower 7

Tower 7, application for static and dynamic structural analysis, concrete, steel and timber design.
Tower 7 is a graphical program for universal analysis of influences in planar and space structures. By providing strong tools that are automated, integrated, all-inclusive and intuitive, this program enables the engineers to increase the speed and quality of designing. Version 7 is a high performance professional tool, based on experience lasting many years and on the latest knowledge and realization of the expert team, engineers and first-class programmers.

Basic capabilities

• Analysis of static influences in accordance with first order and second order theories
• Calculating the structural stability (determining the critical forces and buckling lengths)
• Calculating the natural values (forms and oscillating periods of the structure)
• Generating the seismic load in accordance with various standards (JUS, EC8, SNIP, ...)
• Generating automatically the mesh of finite elements
• Generating automatically the masses in all nodes on the model
• Analysis of influences throughout defined stages of building construction (prefabricated structures, composite structures, etc.)
• Modeling the prefabricated floor structures by orthotropic plates
• Beams and columns with variable cross sections (haunched beams, prismatic columns, laminated wood girders, etc.)
• Modeling the rigid connections in beam nodes (offset beam - diagrams in clear spans)
• Eccentric positioning of beams and columns (true modeling of girders in plates, columns with abrupt change of cross section, etc.)
• Analysis of influences in prestressed structural members (arbitrary cable geometry and calculating the prestressing force loss)
• Foundations on elastic ground
• Assigning the completely arbitrary character and direction of load action
• Analysis of influences due to live load (defining the completely arbitrary pattern and path of live load)
• Generating automatically the load on rotationally symmetric parts of the model due to various natural phenomena: self-weight, snow, pressure, water, earth, wind
• Calculating due to temperature influences and support displacement
• Automatic dimensioning of reinforced concrete (JUS, EUROCODE, SNIP, ACI, DIN, BS, SIA, etc.) structures. 
• Automatic dimensioning of steel structures (JUS, EUROCODE, SIA). 
• Automatic dimensioning of timber structures (JUS, EUROCODE). 
• Creating easily the high quality design documentation with vignette, textual reports and graphic blocks

Graphical Interface

• Defining the arbitrary planes for drawing
• Simultaneous use of planar and space drawing
• Selecting precisely the points in the drawing (dynamic osnap with combined criteria)
• Dynamic zoom and pan. Dynamic rotation of isometric presentation of the model (orbit)
• Manipulating the elements in the drawing (copying, mirror copying, deleting, rotating, complete undo/redo system of restoring the drawings, etc.)
• Generating automatically the vertical elements of the structure
• Generating automatically the rotationally symmetric bodies (sphere, cone, vault, helix)
• Operating with blocks of drawings (saving and entering the arbitrarily selected parts of the model)
• Grouping the arbitrarily selected parts of the model into wholes and deleting the visibility to other parts of the model (only columns, walls, typical floor structures, web members, main girders, etc. visible)
• Visualization of the model (DirectX render, walking through building with camera) 

Processing the Calculation Results

• Finding quickly the extreme values of influences in the whole model or only in a certain group of elements (extreme values of axial forces in columns only, etc.) maximal bending moments in plates in typical floor, maximal displacements of walls only, etc.)
• Presentation of results, both in the entire space model and in its certain parts (in selected frame, wall, floor structure, foundations, arbitrarily selected view, etc.)
• Presentation of results in surface elements by isolines and diagrams along an arbitrarily assigned intersection line
• Presentation of influences in linear elements by diagrams and color gradientsPresentation of support reactions with direction and intensity
• Diagrams of stress distribution in composite cross-sections through defined stages of constructing
• Influences in individual parts of composite cross section
• Simultaneous presentation of influences in all columns and walls in one level (insight into distribution of influences due to seismic action on all columns and walls in one floor, redistribution of axial forces due to vertical load onto columns and walls of a given level, etc.)
• Presentation and animation of oscillating forms and deformed model
• Completely automatized dimensioning of reinforced concrete, steel and wood structures (JUS, EUROCODE, SNIP, DIN, etc.)
• Adopting reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures with automatic creating of reinforcement details and export to our program "ArmCad 2005".


Radimpex Tower 7 with Medicine [64 Bit] [Mediafire Links]
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  1. Installation Guide for 32 Bit Computer


    DongleDrivers\haspdinst.exe – original dongle drivers
    _installdriver.bat – install driver
    _removedriver.bat – uninstall driver

    Contains some batch files to set requirements for install emulator on
    Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit.

    Dongle emulator package – for Windows 32 bit versions.

    Dongle emulator package – for Windows 64 bit versions.

    _install.cmd – install/reinstall emulator (you should see new hardware baloon on system tray)
    _remove.cmd – uninstall emulator
    _restart.cmd – restart emulator

    Aditional steps is required to install 64 bit on Vista SP2/Windows 7 64 bit/Windows 8 64 bit.
    check readme64.txt for set pre requirements and after this steps use procedure
    for install on 64 bit.



    Install in this order:
    1. DongleDrivers\haspdinst.exe (_installdriver.bat)
    2. Install emulator with corresponding batch file (_install.cmd).
    3. Download software from above link
    4. Thats all – you can use software.

    1. Remove emulator driver with corresponding batch file (_remove.cmd).
    2. Remove HASP drivers with batch file (DongleDrivers\_removedriver.bat).

    This package have limitation of ~20 minutes after system start.
    To reset limit you need restart computer.
    Enough for testing. For full you can send your hwid from hardwareidreader.exe to:
    [email protected]

  2. Installation Guide for 64 Bit Computer

    emul_64 – Dongle emulator package – for Windows 64 bit versions.

    Aditional steps is required to install 64 bit on Vista SP2/Windows 7 64 bit/Windows 8 64 bit..


    1. Disable Windows User Accounts Control (UAC).
    2. Enable Driver Signature Enforcement.

    Automatic batch file to do this (p.1 and p.2) is located in:
    Just right click on “_prereqSet64.cmd” and select “Run as administrator”.

    Restart computer to enable new settings.

    3. After p.1 and p.2 you need to see in lower right corner on Windows desktop “Test mode”.

    Now you can install from Drivers and emul_64 as usual.

    Do not disable Test mode, because emulator will stop functioning.
    Except small watermark, it not have any side efect for your system.

    This package have limitation of ~20 minutes after system start.
    To reset limit you need to restart computer.
    Enough for testing.

  3. After I do all of the procedures as mentioned above, I keep receiving an error like this :
    “Error. Unable to load dll.(1114)” . Anyone experienced the same ? How should I avoid this?
    Thank you in advance to anyone who can help with this.