RAM Connection CONNECT Edition V11 Update 1

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

Bentley Systems Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, has released RAM Connection CONNECT V11 Edition Update 1. This software offers the best flexibility for the design of different shear, moment, braces, splices and base plates connection types.

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition Release Notes – Updated August 2017:

- New ribbon style with cleaner look.
- New Backstage view to manage models, file operations, interoperate with other software, adjust personal information and setting options.
- RAM Connection now includes Bentley CONNECT Advisor v10.1.0 which is a CONNECT service enabling Bentley users to have real time access to LEARN content, recommendations for more productive workflows and the ability to embed an Expert Engineer to their CONNECTED project.
Resolved Issues:
- In the anchor design for base plates, the load eccentricity (e'N) was sometimes being calculated as a negative value. Although the calculation was correct, the design code specifies that this value should always be considered as positive. This is now corrected.
- Base plates were not being optimized for ASD design method, because Appendix D of ACI 318 only works with LRFD. This is fixed and the base plate is optimized regardless of the anchor design, since the base plate optimization can be ASD or LRFD.
- For BS 5950 or EN 1993, the Structural Integrity check was a global (model based) parameter. Now it is a local (joint bases) parameter since in a model, there can be connections that require it and connections that do not.

About RAM Connection. RAM Connection, a steel connection design application, is fully integrated with RAM Structural System, RAM Elements, and STAAD.Pro and coming soon with ProStructures! RAM Connection can check or design connections in seconds. RAM Connection provides comprehensive analysis and design of virtually any connection type and the designs include the tedious seismic code provision requirements. Workflows are optimized with integration of 3D design and detailing models and through the ability to customize the program.

- Design and optimize any connection type included in the AISC specifications, including both ASD and LRFD. Connection types include shear and moment connections, braced frame connections, and column and beam splices. Seismic provisions for moment and braced frames are also incorporated.  
- A single connection can be designed and duplication of effort and errors can be minimized with the integration of 3D design and detailing models. Utilize your RAM Structural System, RAM Elements, and STAAD.Pro design models with RAM Connection for seamless connection design of your entire structure.  
- RAM Connection V8i includes base plates for almost any kind of column support. Choose between uniaxial or biaxial analysis, design the base plate per AISC 360-05 (additional seismic check per AISC 341-05 included), design the anchor bolts per ACI 318-05 appendix D in seconds, and get all the detailed reports and structural details you need for your base plate designs.
- RAM Connection provides flexibility due to its easily customizable interface. Conform to your office standards by entering your own connection tables and rules-of-thumb. Modifying the standard connection databases lets companies incorporate their expertise right into the program. 


RAM Connection CONNECT Edition V11 Update 1

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