RAM Elements CONNECT Edition version

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2017)

Bentley Systems Incorporated, has released an updated RAM Elements CONNECT Edition V14. For analysis and design of almost any type of structure or structural component complete with sophisticated design tools to help you with your everyday analysis and design needs. RAM Elements delivers the industry’s most productive and easy-to-use engineering analysis and design toolkit.

RAM Elements CONNECT Edition Release Notes – Updated November 2017:

- Users now have the ability to change the application user interface language from English to Spanish and vice versa, once the software is installed.
Resolved Issues:
- AISC Section E4 axial compression capacity for T section with principal axes rotated was calculating the capacity with the incorrect section properties. This has been fixed and now the axial compression is calculated correctly regardless of the principal axes.
- AISC torsion capacity under AISC DG9 was being reported with force units instead stress. This has been fixed.
- AISC user input Cb values were ignored. This is fixed now and the Cb values entered by the user are being used during design.
- AISC member with no torsion being checked for AISC DG9. Although this is correct as the DG9 checks torsion using normal and shear forces, this was causing some confusion and a conservative design as the guide uses elastic limits. Now if the member does not have torsion, these checks are ignored.


RAM Elements CONNECT Edition version

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