RCC Box Culvert – Methodology And Designs Including Computer Method

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2018)

RCC Box Culvert - Methodology And Designs Including Computer Method

Culverts are required to be provided under earth embankment for crossing of water course like streams, Nallas across the embankment as road embankment can not be allowed to obstruct the natural water way. The culverts are also required to balance the ood water on both sides of earth embankment to reduce ood level on one side of road thereby decreasing the water head consequently reducing the ood menace. Culverts can be of different shapes such as arch, slab and box. These can be constructed with different material such as masonry (brick, stone etc) or reinforced cement concrete.

Since culvert pass through the earthen embankment, these are subjected to same traf c loads as the road carries and therefore, required to be designed for such loads. This Paper deals with box culverts made of RCC, with and without cushion. The size, invert level, layout etc. are decided by hydraulic considerations and site conditions. The cushion depends on road pro le at the culvert location. The scope of this Paper has been further restricted to the structural design of box. The structural design involves consideration of load cases (box empty, full, sur- charge loads etc.) and factors like live load, effective width, braking force, dispersal of load through ll, impact factor, co-ef cient of earth pressure etc. Relevant IRC Codes are required to be referred. The structural elements are required to be designed to withstand maximum bending moment and shear force. The Paper provides full discussions on the provisions in the Codes, considerations and justi cation of all the above aspects on design. Proper design covering these aspects has also been given in the Annexure. To our knowledge, these matters have neither been covered in any text book nor in any special publication at one place.


RCC Box Culvert - Methodology And Designs Including Computer Method
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