RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 4 Product Line

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2018)
RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 4 Product Line

The Bentley Systems Inc. team is pleased to announce the availability of RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 4 Product Line, is comprehensive 2D/3D/4D software used by bridge engineers for all types of bridges, materials, and construction methods. 

RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 4 contains the following enhancements and error corrections:

- Enhanced Interoperability with OpenBridge Modeler (OBM)
- FEM enhancements for Composite Cross-sections (Phase I)
- New Graphical Engine in RM Modeler
- New Licensing Tool
- Apply rotation matrix in hydrodynamic element calculation
- Database expanded to store bigger variable table input
- Enhancements in Superposition Load Case Tracking Action
- Enhancements in asymmetric cross-sections
- Enhancements in Balance Cantilever Tool
- Enhancements in New Cantilever Wizard
- Prestressing Tendon in Modeler
- Enhancements in GUI
. Tendon stressing Marks
. Improve View Options in Modeler
. Insert irregular segment points in Modeler

About Bentley RM Bridge CONNECT Edition. Streamline massive analytical tasks and save time on complex engineering challenges by taking a more integrated approach in the design and construction of your bridge systems with RM Bridge. Perform bridge design, analysis, and construction simulation to determine resiliency during seismic and natural events and analyze rolling stock. Apply visual processes that quickly generate information from multiple disciplines to make reliable engineering decisions. You can also leverage intraoperability with OpenRoads and OpenBridge Modeler to visually determine how your proposed bridge impacts existing and proposed project elements. Visualize the positions, directions, and magnitudes of loads graphically.

RM Bridge is offered in three different versions so you can choose the version that's best for you:

- RM Bridge is the basic application of RM Bridge family. This product is suitable for analysis, design, and load rating of concrete, steel, and timber bridges of all types: girder bridges, truss bridges, arch bridges, and segmental bridges. It covers the straight, curved, and skewed bridges. It supports over 20 international design codes. The advanced analyses methods include static and linear dynamic analysis, soil-structure interaction, time-dependent creep & shrinkage analysis. Support for unlimited number of construction stages makes the product suitable to address complex construction sequences. The product also offers Wizards for rapid model creation, interoperability with Bentley Civil software, and OpenBridge Modeler.
- RM Bridge Advanced extends RM Bridge capabilities to non-linear analysis, FEM, Push Over and Time-History Analyses, High Speed Rail analysis. It includes the specialized Balanced Cantilever tool for easier generation of construction sequence for segmental bridges, and RM Cast tool for setting up segment geometry in the casting yard.
- RM Bridge Enterprise includes all features RM offers. Extends RM Bridge Advanced capabilities to cable-stayed and suspension bridges. It also includes advanced hydrodynamic and wind analyses, and two specialized tools for advanced construction methods - Erection Control for shape adjustment during construction and Incremental Launching for building bridges overhead with no temporary support or false work.


Software Title RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 4 Product Line
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