SACS CONNECT Edition Update

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

Bentley Systems Inc is pleased to announce the availability of SACS CONNECT Edition Update (version, is an integrated finite element structural analysis suite of programs that uniquely provides for the design, fabrication, installation, operations, and maintenance of offshore structures, including oil platforms and wind farms.

SACS 11.1 CONNECT Edition release includes enhancements including:

- CONNECT Advisor integration
CONNECT Advisor is a CONNECT services entitlement for our users and a core offering of Adaptive Learning Services. It is designed to provide content aggregated from multiple sources in a single location and provides in-application contextual assistance, including recommendations, short feature and workflow videos and personalized learning paths and knowledge maps. CONNECT Advisor will increasingly leverage Azurebased machine learning, to further personalize its assistance for each Connected User.
- Collapse - Added the latest NORSOK -2013 joint strength check
- Precede - Collapse View - Added Pile Capacity feature.
- Dynamic super element - Added the ability to export stiffness, mass, and forces to a CSV file.
- Dynpac - Added torsional mass in the generation of the mass matrix
- SACS now supports ISM 6.0
- Joint Can - Addend Ultimate Earthquake Analysis – API-RP2A 22nd Edition
- Executive -Added support for SACS Uncoupled Wind Turbine strength design to handle all load cases for time history analysis.
- Wave Response - Added ability to write all load conditions
- Wave Response - Changed load condition name scheme for ‘ES’ option to allow more load conditions.

SACS 11.0 CONNECT Edition release includes major enhancements including:

- SACS-FAST Integrated Analysis - The SACS-FAST integrated analysis couples the SACS Wave Response module with the FAST wind turbine analysis program generating a fully integrated response from the wind, wave and current loading on the structure.
- The seastate program has been enhanced to apply wind loads on volumes rather than areas. With this feature, wind loading can be done on single, three and four sided walls following the API 4F (4th edition Jan 2013) specification automatically
- SACS-AutoPIPE interop workflow - Added ability to import piping geometry, support information, and support reactions from AutoPIPE. Also added the ability visually connect the piping supports to the structure in Precede and export these connections and the SACS model to AutoPIPE via pipelink where a combined structure/piping analysis can be performed.
- Integration of the Collapse view postprocessor functionality into Precede
- Integration of the Interactive Fatigue postprocessor functionality into Precede
- Decommissioning tools added to Precede.
- New precede interface for creating a 3D mesh of a joint connection was added. Users can now graphically create ring plates, stiffener plates, gusset plates, or any other type of plate surface to be included when meshing a joint connection.


SACS CONNECT Edition Update

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