SACS CONNECT Edition V11 Update 3

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2018)

Bentley Systems Inc is pleased to announce the availability of SACS CONNECT Edition V11 Update 3 (version, is an integrated finite element structural analysis suite of programs that uniquely provides for the design, fabrication, installation, operations, and maintenance of offshore structures, including oil platforms and wind farms. 

SACS 11.3 CONNECT Edition release includes enhancements including:

- Foundation Design for Large Monopile Structures
Base shear is the result of skin friction of the pile tip cross section and end moment is the result of the soil compression in one side of the pile due to rotation of pile tip. Base shear effect is significant specially for rigid piles. This effect is significant for gravity type with large diameter pile and may increase its lateral stiffness. PSI program calculates base shear using displacement of the pile tip and t-z curve. It also calculates the End Moment using the rotation of the pile tip and p-y curve and considers both effects in calculation and pile analysis.
- Add stream function theory to be used in WVINS
Added stream function theory in Wave Response to be used in constrained wave.
- Precede Labeling Enhancements
. Better control of label visibility
. Align text with element direction without the problem of text size altering by orientation.
. Ensure that the font is (much) the same size as other label fonts.
. Allow for the member labels to be hidden while rotating, zooming
. Improved titles labeling
. Add orientation markers to Fatigue
. Add damage labels [max per joint, max per element, all] to Fatigue
- Added ability to create Sets in Precede
Precede now can create multiple “lists” or Sets. These sets can be used to group joints, members, plates, shells, loads, etc. and save and loaded from the model file. These sets will replace “Lists” in coming releases.
- Added ability to export and import built-up sections in the ISM interface.
- Implement detailed report for PGB, PGD and PGU sections for AISC 9th edition in POSTVUE
- Enhancements to Precede/Interactive Fatigue

. Added context menus for fatigue items in the graphical view window. These allow direct production of reports and charts and the isolation of a joint within a view.
. Damage and Orientation labels are available for fatigue elements in the graphical view windows.
. Added ability to open fatigue extract summation files in the interactive fatigue module. These files are produced by the GHBladed and SACS Wind Turbine processes.
. Added support for mid-member interactive fatigue design where a fatigue extract file contains data from an EXTRACTM command.
- Added 3D Moment/ Shear diagrams
Precede can now display the moment/shear diagram in the 3D model.
- Wave Response compiler update
Wave response has been upgraded to a new compiler. This will cause some differences in some of the results. Please refer to Appendix A in the Enhancements Manual for a detailed discussion of the differences that could occur.


SACS CONNECT Edition V11 Update 3

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