SAP2000 Groups Management Tool

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)
SAP2000 Groups Management Tool
Have you a 3D SAP2000 model with a lot of defined groups inside it?,
Have you need to repetitively assign differents groups to many elements in your model?,
Have you another requirement related to a Group Managment in SAP2000? This is a small program developed in Visual Studio, using .NET language. This software try to connect with a running instance of  SAP2000 V17.3.0, then allow the user to manipulate in many forms existent groups. The manipulation options are:

  1. Selection and de-selection of objects, with the option of "automatic select the next group" for repetitive tasks.
  2. "Add/replace/delete from" objects in selected groups, with the same option for "automatic selection of next group".
  3. Deletion of groups.

This features can be achieved in several ways:

  1. Using a Group Pattern for multiple groups that can be defined using wildcards (use the "?" button for help. Alternatively check this website:)
  2. Using a specific Group Name (or a fragment of one)
  3. Using a list stored in your clipboard, and then pasted to the "Paste Box" windows.

Known issues:

  • Colors aren't always displayed in the correct way
  • Select feature (and deselect) are slow if you select many (many) groups in the list. This is a behavior of SAP2000, that refresh the window in every selection. I performing an alternative method for selecting +1 groups, that involve to store all the assignments in a temporary group.

More features?:
Please, write me an email to or post here your idea. I'll try to apply and we can discuse if is need.
Any idea could be implemented in future releases. All your ideas and comments are needed (and welcome) to improve this tool.



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