Schlumberger PIPESIM 2015.2 build 1031.0

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

Schlumberger PIPESIM provides simulation of steady-state multiphase flow for oil and gas production systems. Individual modules Schlumberger PIPESIM are used for a large number of analytical studies, such as: borehole modeling, optimization of mechanized extraction, modeling of pipelines and process equipment, field development planning. Schlumberger PIPESIM is a set of modeling modules with the use of advanced tools for the design, design and operation of wells, pipelines, production facilities and networks. The modules are integrated in such a way that it is possible to build a complete model of the production system, starting from the field and ending with the central point of collection, with special modules to optimize operations throughout the field and to plan the development of the field.

Main specifications:
  • Simulation of multiphase stationary flow;
  • Rapid conceptual studies, calculation of pipelines and process equipment;
  • Calculation of the required diameter of the pipeline;
  • Study of the sensitivity of the model and its optimization; providing a flow of high-precision thermohydraulic models;
  • Analysis of the flow regime, the conditions for the appearance of hydrodynamic plugs and the consequences of cleaning the scraper;
  • Calculation of equipment dimensions; calculation of insulation characteristics;
  • Calculation of well models included in the same model.
Equipment models:
  • Separators;
  • Multiphase pumps, compressors and expanders;
  • Heating and cooling devices;
  • Fittings.
Advantages of the PIPESIM software:
  • Modeling of collection networks of various fluids, injection systems, main pipelines;
  • Simulation of wells and calculation of pressure and temperature losses along the well;
  • Modeling and calculation of various types of mixtures, including viscous and highly viscous oils;
  • Extensive automation capabilities using Open Link technology.



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