Seismic Safety of High Arch Dams

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

Written for civil, structural and geotechnical engineers, this book presents the latest research and practical experience in the design of high-arch dams in seismically active regions, from an author team that is highly active and experienced in the design, development and construction of 300m high arch dams.

The book covers the entire subject of dam design for seismic regions, including seismic input mechanisms and modeling, non-linear analysis techniques for dam structure and foundations, concrete material properties, and simulation techniques for dam design. Of particular value are the real-world experimental data and design case studies that enhance the book and ensure that readers can apply the theoretical content to their own projects.

  • Break through the conventional concepts in civil engineering discipline and focus on applying new techniques from other subject fields to seismic safety on high-arch dam design in an innovative way
  • Shows how to model and evaluate seismic safety of dams using seismic input, dam response and dynamic resistance
  • Summarizes the methodology and approaches applied to high-arch dam design and construction in China, demonstrates the selection of site-specific seismic input parameters, and enables the reader to apply this to their own specific design challenge

Table of contents : 

Front matter,Copyright,Synopsis,Biographies,PrefaceEntitled to full textChapter 1 - General description, Pages 1-23
Introduction, Pages 25-26
Chapter 2 - Outline of bases of seismic fortification and seismic hazard analysis at dam site, Pages 27-52
Chapter 3 - Determination of correlation design seismic motion parameters on dam Site, Pages 53-81
Chapter 4 - Design acceleration time process, Pages 83-96
Chapter 5 - Dam site seismic motion input mechanism, Pages 97-109
Introduction, Pages 111-113
Chapter 6 - High arch dam body–foundation system three-dimensional contact nonlinear dynamic analysis method, Pages 115-135
Chapter 7 - Dam abutment and arch support rock block stability and seismic safety evaluation of high arch dam, Pages 137-153
Chapter 8 - Research on parallel computation of high arch dam structure seismic motion response, Pages 155-205
Chapter 9 - Engineering real example analysis of parallel computation, Pages 207-234
Introduction, Pages 235-238
Chapter 10 - Research progress on dynamic mechanical behavior of high arch dam concrete, Pages 239-256
Chapter 11 - Dynamic flexural experimental research on dam concrete, Pages 257-295
Chapter 12 - The experimental research on the dynamic and static mechanical characteristics of dam concrete and the constitutive materials, Pages 297-319
Chapter 13 - Experimental study of dynamic and static damage failure of concrete dam based on acoustic emission technology, Pages 321-394
Chapter 14 - Testing research on large dam concrete dynamic-static damage and failure based on CT technology, Pages 395-489
Chapter 15 - Research on numerical analysis of full gradation large dam concrete dynamic behaviors, Pages 491-575


Seismic Safety of High Arch Dams
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