SkyCiv Structural 3D Features


Powerful Structural Analysis Software

  • SkyCiv Structural 3D offers analysis on virtually any structure, including Plates!
  • Input 3D structures or import .dxf files and also solve for 3D results
  • Multiple Solver types including: Linear, P-Delta (non-linear), Buckling Analysis, Cable Analysis
  • Import Multiple Load Combinations from US, UK, European, Canadian and Australian libraries

Integrated Design Checks

Fully Integrated with Design Check Software including AISC 360:

  • Moment, Axial, Bending, Shear Capacity and Ratios
  • Combined, Slenderness and Deflection Capacity and Ratios
  • PDF Design Reporting (Custom logo on Enterprise)
  • View Capacity Results on Model (Integrated Version)
  • Import and Apply Multiple Load Combinations (Integrated Version)
  • Eurocode, Australian Standards, Canadian (CSA), British Standards coming soon...

3D Rendering of your Structure with Color Contours!

Visualise your structure with our powerful 3D Renderer. See how the structure will look (and deflect) in real life! Use in your reports or inspect the geometry of the structure with this bonus feature! Rotate around and see your 3D model from every angle for the full structural analysis experience. Also view all results aong the members using the color contours.

Custom Reporting

View and Export your Structural Analysis text file to focus on specific results and include custom screenshots of the results you wish to display. View our Sample Structural Analysis Report and Sample Design Report.

  • Deflection (as seen in above image) - including X, Y, Z and Sum translations and X, Y and Z Rotations.
  • Bending Moment Diagrams (BMD) and Shear Force Diagrams (SFD)
  • Include Screenshots from your Screenshot Camera Roll
  • Single Member Reports
  • Axial Forces
  • Torsion
  • Axial Forces
  • Stress Analysis

Section Library and Unlimited Sections

SkyCiv Structural 3D is fully integrated with SkyCiv Section Builder - our powerful section analysis software:

  • Save and Load sections from our library of Australia, European, American and UK standard sections
  • Select from 10+ template shapes including I-beam, HSS, Channel etc...
  • Your section isn't there? Simply add a custom section
  • Perform operations such as: rotate, mirror and translate.
  • Adding a section will also give the results of moment of inertia, centroids and further section properties.
  • Preset materials means you can select your material from a drop down list for fast entry!

Plate Analysis

SkyCiv Structural 3D also offers a range of plate analysis results, including deflection, shear/bending forces as well as a range of Stress Analysis Results.

Our simple Meshing Tool allows you to mesh and even unmesh plates or slabs in a matter of seconds - simplifying the meshing process to a few clicks. The mesher has multiple meshing options including coarseness, mesh type and mesh shape to name a few.

100% Cloud Based

Cloud Software is easier to deal with:

  • Save thousands of dollars in expensive installation and ongoing maintenence costs
  • Access your files from any computer, anywhere, anytime!
  • Instant access from the time you pay
  • Does not slow down your computer or require Gigabytes of disk space - it's all held online.
  • Automatic access to latest updates - no installation/upgrading necessary!

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