Structural Concept Design Report of Tall Building

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2016)

Structural Concept Design Report of Tall BuildingThe purpose of this report is to document the criteria and describe with illustrations, the structural design system of the MahaNakhon project in Chongnonsi, Bangkok, Thailand. It will go through each area of the project and describe in detail the design and changes to the Tower and Hill.

Our objective for the MahaNakhon project is to develop an optimised stable structure without any collapse either minimum or complete failure. Thus minimizing local damage, deformation and loss of structural integrity when and where appropriate. This objective will be met by complying with the design criteria which has already been set as part of the 7C-LOA and is also described in this report. By conforming to the codes and standards that the construction will be expected to achieve to reach the design intent.


Structural Concept Design Report of Tall Building
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