Structural Design & Drawing Volume 1 and 2

Structural Design & Drawing Volume I and 2

Volume 1 

  1. Design of slabs
  2. Design of beams
  3. Design of columns & footings
  4. Design of staircases
  5. Design of structural connections
  6. Design of beams
  7. Design of roof trusses
  8. Design of riveted plate girders

Volume 2
This volume deals with designs with detailed drawings fully dimensioned on practical problems on retaining walls, domed roofs, water tanks on ground, underground, overhead and reservoirs, silos, bunkers, slab and T-beam bridges. This book is intended to serve as a text book to civil engineering students of final year, degree course and to those appearing for Section 'B' of the professional examinations and as a reference book for practising engineers in public works, public health departments and structural designers in consulting firms.




Structural Design & Drawing Vol. I and 2
Volume 1

Volume 2