Structural Design Report of Qatar University Station

This Technical Report is part of the Key Milestone DD2 for the Qatar University Station. The purpose of this statement is presenting the Design for the Structural elements of the Qatar University Station in Doha Metro Red Line North.
The project consists in the definition, design and construction of the Red Line North Elevated & At Grade (EAG) stations structures. These structures include not only the station buildings but their entrances/exits, emergency exits, etc. and the pedestrian subways (emergency exits) and footbridges for access up to the limits set out by the Contract Documents.
The scope of this document is the structural design of the Qatar University Station (QU-ST) and its annexed buildings (Footbridge and access and Chillers Building). The QU-ST is an elevated structure that has an interaction with the elevated railway viaduct, which bears onto the station’s structure. The station has two main levels over the ground: Concourse Level (CL) and Platform Level (PL). Between these levels and the At Grade level (AG) there are other two levels: Intermediate Level (IL) and Underplatform Level (UL). The footbridge is a structure that connects the AG of the street with the CL of the station, leading to the university area on the West.
The Chillers building consists in a ground slab with perimeter walls (without roof slab). The present structure design doesn’t define the roof structure and facades, as these items aren’t currently part of the scope. Nevertheless, the loads to be considered for these elements have been taken into account in the design, as provided by the client and specified in later sections, and general assumptions as to a typical roof and façade system have been considered in the structure design.
In any case, once the general layout of these provisional sums: facades, roofs and their support structure are known, the stations structure design will have to be re-checked to assure its adequateness to these new elements.

Structural Design Report of Qatar University Station
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