Structural Systems – Behaviour and Design

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2016)
Structural systems behaviour and design
Bringing together a wide array of structural types and covering the behaviour and design of both steel and reinforced concrete (prestressing inclusive), the author employs an integrated qualitative and quantitative approach to the examination of each structural element. Topics are introduced in a logical manner, building on concepts discussed and explained in previous chapters, providing readers with a sound understanding of the universal principles of structural behaviour and enabling them to apply safe conceptual and preliminary designs, whatever design codes they are working with. The book starts with the fundamental concepts, looking at plane structural systems such as beams, frames, arches and cable structures. In the latter half, the author builds on this, introducing the more advanced topics of spatial structural systems, dynamic behaviour and seismic response, and soil-structure interaction. Each topic is treated in a predominantly practical way and supported throughout with illustrative diagrams, equipping readers with the analytical tools and structural understanding required to undertake the design of complex structures, including bridges, buildings, space covering roofs and foundations. Structural engineers of all levels of experience will find this an accessible and authoritative text, enabling a solid understanding of structural behaviour without dependence on computer-generated models.



Structural Systems - Behavior and Design
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