Temporary Demountable Structures: Guidance on Procurement, Design and Use

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2016)
Temporary Demountable Structures
This document provides guidance on the procurement, design, erection and use of temporary demountable structures such as grandstands, marquees, stage structures and barriers.
Towers and masts to support media facilities are also included.
It is intended for event organisers, venue owners, local authorities, contractors and suppliers of demountable structures and for competent persons who are responsible for their design.

Demountable structures are used for a variety of functions at public and private events and may accommodate substantial numbers of people.
The safety of users is of paramount importance, and guidance is offered on hazards and risks associated with these structures, and on achieving safe structures.
New approaches to design of temporary structures to resist wind loads are presented, and extensive new information and guidance is given on statutory control, ground conditions, and inspection and erection.

Temporary demountable structures differ from conventional structures in several ways:
- they are often required at short notice so clients, contractors and local authority officers may have to make decisions quickly
- they may need to withstand substantial horizontal and vertical loads from crowds, and from wind
- the structural components are often lightweight, rapidly assembled, readily dismantled and reusable
The approach to planning, design, erection and use thus needs to be one of flexibility and judgment.

This third edition of the guide has been prepared by an expert group with representatives from industry, government, the Institution of Structural Engineers and the Institution of Civil Engineers.


Temporary Demountable Structures: Guidance on Procurement, Design and Use
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