The Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook – A Companion to ACI 318-14

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

To provide low-cost access to real-world design examples and guidance on the use of ACI 318-14, ACI is offering a Student Edition of its popular SP-17, “The Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook.” The Student Edition contains excerpts from the full edition of the document covering the topics that are most likely to be covered in a student’s first reinforced concrete design course. The full narrative from several chapters and many of the basic design examples from those chapters, along with applicable design aids, are included. Professors will find this to be a valuable addition to the code for use in their classrooms and as a reference later in a student’s career.

For students planning to take more than a first course in reinforced concrete design, purchase of the full edition with chapters and examples on advanced topics is recommended. It can be obtained at member price for ACI student members.


  • Chapters included in the Student Edition are:
  • Chapter 1­–Building Example­­
  • Chapter 4–Durability
  • Chapter 5–One-way Slabs
  • Chapter 7–Beams
  • Chapter 9–Columns
  • Chapter 11–Foundations
  • Chapter 12–Retaining Walls
  • Chapter 13–Serviceability


Name The Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook - A Companion to ACI 318-14
Pages 495
Format PDF
Size 17 MB
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