Time-Frequency Analysis Methods in Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2017)
This habilitation thesis introduces the basics of time-frequency analysis and at tempts to deepen the knowledge and understanding of state-of-the-art mathematical techniques which are prearranged and, yet, literally waiting to be fully applied to typical time series in Civil and Environmental Engineering, here in Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering.
Thus, the ideas and the materials of this book are aimed at advanced undergrad uate and postgraduate students in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Research associates preparing for their doctoral thesis might nd some interesting and use ful sections in this thesis as well. Some of the chapters, particularly beginning with chapter 5, make simple use of a little advanced mathematics, yet, these are somewhat uncommon in the disciplines of Civil and Environmental Engineering. However, the necessary mathematical tools can be easily mastered from numerous mathematical texts that now exist and, in any case, references have been given where the mathematics occur.

The problem of balancing clarity of exposition with density of references had to be faced and the author was therefore tempted to give large a number of references.
Implication of four academic examples, each of which representing a typical time series subcategory, and the succeeding applications of those various introduced time frequency analysis techniques on these regarded signals are of massive help when attempting to study the benets of modern analysis methods in our Engineering world. 


Time-Frequency Analysis Methods in Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
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