Transportation Module for Civil PE License

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2016)

Transportation Module for Civil PE License

From Publisher: "Our textbooks are the only books that have built-in color tabs. These tabs will save valuable time during the exam by telling you which section has the information that you need to succeed! Go into the test with the confidence you need to pass! A Concise and Comprehensive Summary of Code-Equations, Non-Code Equations, Tables, Charts, and Figures is provided for a Quick Access During the Exam. Current Transportation References: (1) 2011 GDHS-6, (2) GDPS-4, (3) 2011 RSD, (4) 2008 AASHTO MEPDG, (5) 2004 AASHTO Ped. Facilities, (6) 2007 Asphalt Handbook-A1, (7) 2010 HCM, (8) 2009 MUTCD, (9) 2011 PCA, (10) 2012 FHWA-Culvert Design.

The Transportation Depth Supplement includes the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Topics, the additional NCEES 2015 Topics, one full Civil Breadth (AM) Practice Exam with detailed solutions, and one full Transportation Depth (PM) Practice Exam with detailed solutions."


Transportation Module for Civil PE License
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