TSTower Tower Design Software

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2018)

TSTower Tower Design Software

TowerSoft is proud to present its comprehensive structural analysis and design software for communication Towers. TSTower is equipped with graphical user interface, antennas and sections database, member properties, and many more... with TSTower you would be able analyze and verify your design in a fraction of the time.

TSTower is robust analysis software written specifically for the communication towers industry. It enables users to model and analyze wide range of towers for American Standards (ANSI/TIA/EIA 222-F-1996 and ANSI/TIA 222-G-2005) and Canadian Standards (CSA S37-94 and CSA S37-01).

TSTower is proud to present its comprehensive structural analysis and design software for communication towers. This software has been developed by Engineers who are experinced designers of towers . TSTower is equipped with a user friendly interface that allows the user to see the scaled model while inputting the data.

General Capabilities

  • Graphical user interface that is user friendly, interactive, and utilizes state-of the art graphics.
  • Three-dimensional finite element analysis including second order effects.
  • Interactive review of all analysis and design results.
  • Automatic generation of dead, wind and ice loads on the structure.
  • Automatic capacity assessment as per relevant codes.
  • Automatic generation of geometry based on user-generated database of sections.
  • Comprehensive databases of microwave antennas, transmission lines and ladders.
  • Profile printout generated.
  • Strict compliance with following standards for load preparation, and member capacity assessment:
    ANSI/TIA/EIA 222-F-1996
    ANSI/TIA 222-G-2005
    CSA S37-94
  • Output is concise, useful and detailed.
  • Output profile in .DXF format.
  • Ability to use Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software to perform analysis of guyed and self supporting structures. A particular strength of the Robot product is the ability to model catenary cables accurately and quickly.
  • Convenient switch between metric and imperial units at any point of the analysis.
  • Analysis of member capacities, connections (Bolts, anchor rods and base plates) is included.



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