Tutorial for Design of a G+10 Building Using ETABS

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2019)

The use of software for analysis and design of civil engineering structures has become indispensable part of many of the complex civil engineering projects. Even though the
available software for analysis and design are intended to provide their utmost simplicity, supplementary documents to understand the execution of the analysis and design process may still be crucial. Thus, this tutorial is intended to provide a comprehensive procedure about how to analyze and design reinforced concrete buildings using ETABS. Particularly, designers who are novice for this software will be entertained by this tutorial.

The tutorial is comprised of four additional main parts besides this introductory part. To show the procedures, architectural floor plans of a G+10 building will be used. The plans may not be exquisite from architectural point of view but they are still very useful to utilize it for understanding the basic ETABS procedures. The modelling and analysis part covers the all the procedures to create and analyze the building by creating the ETABS model. This includes the procedures about creating a new model, defining materials and sections. After adding the geometry to the model,
additional steps which supplement the complete modelling process will be outlined.

The final stage of this part will include topics about how to check the model and run the analysis.
The second part of the tutorial is about displaying the analysis results. In this part, it will be tried to include different procedures to display the analysis results. The section design part shows how to design concrete frame and shear wall sections using ETABS. The results of ETABS section design may not be strictly followed due to possible building code differences, but they can be helpful to check section designs by other conventional methods.

The last part of the tutorial, which is open for further development, includes miscellaneous topics. In this part, ETABS procedures which were not discussed in the previous parts and which might be important in modelling other types buildings will be included.

Overall, the tutorial includes the very basic ETABS procedures about how to carry out the analysis and design of a reinforced concrete building and more. Thus, it can be useful for understanding the ETABS software.


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