Understanding Architectural Details – Concrete & Steel Construction

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2019)

This book is the third in the series from First In Architecture - Understanding Architectural Details. The success of the first two books made me want to dig deeper - to see what other information I can put together that would prove a vital resource for any student or professional.
Concrete and steel construction is an area I struggled to find information on in my student days and beyond - so hopefully this book will help to save you the time that I have wasted on many occasions searching for the information I need.

As with the previous books I have included both 2D and 3D colour details to help the reader really grasp the elements of construction and understand how the building is put together. Being able to compare the 2D details with the 3D detail gives a far better explanation than a black and white detail alone.

I am not an expert, I do not know everything there is to know about architectural detailing. You are forever learning and evolving. These drawings have been produced for educational and instructional purposes only. Some information has been removed or omitted for clarity in description/information. Under no circumstances should these drawings be used as building regulation/construction drawings. They are a guide, and should only be used as such.. These details are not here to provide ready made solutions but to inform, and be used as an instructional tool.


Name Understanding Architectural Details - Concrete & Steel Construction
Pages 150
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